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Authorised Examiner for Lifting Equipment

​Apply to act as an Approved Authorised Examiner for Lifting Equipment

A person must be approved by the Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) to act as an Authorised Examiner (AE) for lifting equipment under Section 33, Workplace Safety and Health Order 2009 (WSHO, 2009).

To be approved to act as an AE, you are required to comply with the following requirements:

Guideline for the Criteria of Technical Staff employed under Third-Party Inspection Agency (TPIA) (Last updated: )
Form Approved Examiner Registration Form
Who is an Authorised Examiner for Lifting Equipment? It is an individual from an approved Third-Party Inspection Agency (TPIA) who has the appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge as well as the relevant experience with the lifting equipment to be thoroughly examined which will enable him to detect defects or weaknesses and to assess their importance in relation to the safety and continued use of the lifting equipment, and who is approved by the Authority under section 33 of WSHO, 2009.
Who can apply?
  • Technical staff (Inspector) employed under Third Party Inspection Agency (TPIA ), who meets the criteria as per this Guideline or
  • A professional engineer who holds a valid Practising Certificate (PC) issued by the Board of Architects, Professional Engineers and Quantity Surveyors (BAPEQS) in the relevant Specialised Professional Engineering branch such as Electrical Engineering and Mechanical engineering or in the branch of Building Service Engineering.

Note: For any technical staff under TPIA who wishes to be approved as AE, he/she will be required to submit his/her application through his/her company representative (e.g. Human Resource or Administration) ONLY.

Is there any application fee? Currently, Fees will not be charged for applications. SHENA will inform of the process once fees are activated.
How long does the approval process take? Up to 8 weeks

Note: Applications with incomplete or insufficient information will be rejected. inform of the process once fees are activated.
Validity 2 years
How to apply
  • Download the Application to act as an approved Authorised Examiner for Lifting Equipment Form
  • Submit the completed Soft copy of the Application Form with all supporting documents via email to or through pen drive to the

    SHENA Reception Front Desk at Level 4, Design & Technology Building, Simpang 32-37, Kg Anggerek Desa, Brunei Darussalam.
  • Any other methods of submission will not be entertained. Kindly be informed that any incomplete applications shall be automatically rejected.
  • SHENA will review the Application Form together with the submitted supporting documents.
  • SHENA may conduct technical interview with the applicant.
  • The successful applicant will receive an email notification and will be issued with a certificate of approval.
Documents required

Applicants will need to submit soft copies, preferably in pdf format, of the following documents:

  • A completed Application Form (with signature and company stamp)
  • The following supporting documents:
    • Copies of Academic Qualifications, Work Experiences and any other relevant Professional Certificates i.e. LEEA, NDE, CSWIP, API, local, safety and health training, etc
    • Copies of Relevant Safety and Health Training Certificates e.g. IOSH, NEBOSH, any local safety and health training (if any)
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Copy of Passport/IC (Front and Back)
    • Copy of medical report from a registered medical practitioner (for applicants above the age of 60 years)