Licenses & Registrations

Conduct SHENA's Registered Safety & Health Training Course

Apply to act as conduct SHENA's Registered Safety and Health Training Course

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Form Application Form to Conduct SHENA Registered Safety and Health Training Course
List of Conduct SHENA's Registered Safety and Health Training Course (Last updated: 5 December 2022)
Who can apply? Company representative
How much it cost TBC
How long it takes Up to 8 weeks
Note: Applications with incomplete or insufficient information will be rejected.
Validity 2 years
How to apply
  • SHENA will conduct a site verification on the Training Provider premise and issue a report.
  • The applicant will receive an email notification if their application is successful. Applicant will also receive the registration certificate.
Documents required

Applicant will need to submit soft copies, preferably in pdf format, of the following documents:

  • A completed Application Form (with signature and company stamp)
  • A separate PDF supporting documents according to the following category:
    • Business Profile
    • Training Course & Certificate Awarding
    • Instructor / Trainer, assessor and verifier
    • Training premise, facilities & equipment
    • Emergency Procedures