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Radiation Workers

Registration of Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and General Radiation Worker (GRW)

The radiation licensee shall employ a competent person as approved by SHENA to carry out the duties and responsibilities of Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) and General Radiation Worker (GRW), collectively referred to as "radiation workers" for the purpose of this guidance. Eligibility to apply as a RPO/GRW will depend on the applicant's competency to meet the registration requirements.

All applications must be submitted to SHENA for approval. An initial assessment will be conducted to determine compliance with the general and specific requirements. Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

Registration form

E-SHENA Portal Apply for Radiation Worker Registration

Client Charter

Registration Requirements

New and Renewal of RPO / GRW application are required to comply with the following

Roles and Responsibilities of Radiation Workers

  • Registered RPO roles and responsibilities are as follows
List of Roles and Responsibilities for Registered RPO (Last updated: )
  • Registered GRW will act in accordance with instructions given by the RPO, subject to safety considerations.

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