Licenses & Registrations

Third-Party Inspection Agency for Lifting Equipment (TPIA)

Apply to act as an Approved Third-Party Inspection Agencies for Lifting Equipment (TPIA)

A company or organisation that wishes to provide inspection services and certification for lifting equipment must be approved by the Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) to act as a Third-Party Inspection Agency (TPIA) under Section 33, Workplace Safety and Health Order 2009 (WSHO, 2009).

To be approved to act as a TPIA, you are required to comply with the following requirements:

Form Third Party Inspection Agency for Lifting Equipment Form
SHENA Reference Number Date of Issued Name of TPIA Validity of Approval
SHENA/IND/11.2(001)/2021 27 August 2021 Korean Register (B) Sdn. Bhd. 26 August 2023
SHENA/IND/11.2(001)/2021 27 August 2021 Seri Damai Services Sdn. Bhd. 26 August 2023
SHENA/IND/11.2(001)/2021 27 August 2021 Germanischer Lloyd Offshore & Industrial Services (B) Sdn. Bhd. 26 August 2023
SHENA/IND/11.2(001)/2021 19 December 2021 Bureau Veritas (B) Sdn Bhd 18 December 2023
SHENA/IND/11.2(001)/2021 15 February 2022 Rina Energy (B) Sdn Bhd 14 Februrary 2024
What is TPIA? It is a business organisation, which complies with the ISO 17020 standards. Such organisations must not be involved in any activities such as design, procurement, fabrication, construction, consultation and installation other than inspection, examination and testing. The activities of a TPIA are therefore limited to inspection, examination and testing.
Who can apply? The Representative of any company or organisation.
How much is the application fee? Currently, Fees will not be charged for applications. SHENA will inform of the process once fees are activated.
How long does the approval process take? Up to 8 weeks

Note: Applications with incomplete or insufficient information will be rejected.
Validity 2 years
How to apply
  • Any other methods of submission will not be entertained. Kindly be informed that any incomplete applications shall be automatically rejected.
  • SHENA will review the Application Form together with the submitted supporting documents.
  • SHENA may conduct a site verification on the TPIA and issue a report.
  • The successful applicant will receive an email notification and will be issued with a certificate of approval.
Documents required

Applicant will need to submit soft copies, preferably in pdf format, of the following documents:

  • A completed Application Form (with signature and company stamp)
  • The following supporting documents:
    • Business Profile
    • Details of Partners, Directors and Key Inspection Personnel
    • Experience on Projects and Service Provided Over Last Three (3) Years
    • Accreditation & Certificate Awarded
    • Supporting Document for Inspectors
    • Procedures, Facilities and Equipment
    • Emergency Procedures