Power of Inspectors


Power of Inspectors

SHENA Inspectors have specific legal powers to enforce and regulate workplace safety and health, environment, and radiation laws on behalf of SHENA.

According to Part IX (Inspection and Other Power of Enforcement) of WSHO, 2009 and Part 8 (Inspections) and Part 9 (Enforcement) of Radiation Protection Act, Chapter 228, SHENA Inspectors may:

  • Enter, inspect and examine any workplaces at any time;
  • Inspect and examine any machinery, equipment, plant and etc;
  • Require the workplace records, certificates, notices, documents and etc;
  • Conduct interviews and make inquiries;
  • Take sample, photographs and video recordings;
  • Issue Remedial order and/or Stop Work Order; and
  • Arrest, search and seize.